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I’m a fan of IT and computer science. Since the age of 14 when first introduced to a 110 baud teletype with a paper tape punches/readers and the intricacies of Control Data mainframes, I was hooked. Since then my work has spanned all aspects of the IT arena, including software development; infrastructure design and administration; networking; security; and knowledge throughout various industry verticals.

Although considered a generalist, my areas of expertise are in networking and information security. Presented with an all-encompassing opportunity, my focus is on providing a resilient and scaleable infrastructure that is secure, manageable, and compliant.

My focus changes based on new advances in the IT industry and how those translate into products and services. Right now that would be IaaS, refactoring and redesigning applications for DevOps and consumption based models.


Contact Details

Email: me@gavinadams.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gadams999


I’m blessed that my work meshes with my love for information technology. That is balanced with my family, my faith, and a passion for photography.

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